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A Marketing Campaign for Cartoon Network Gone Awry

Suspicious packages located throughout Boston scared many, and law enforcement was brought in to investigate. It turns out that the devices are part of a marketing campaign for the Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


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California Legislature Could Ban Incandescent Light Bulbs

Liberals in California who think they know what is best for everyone are seeking to pass legislation that would ban the sale of energy-wasting incandescent light bulbs by 2012. The purpose behind the The “How Many Legislators Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb Act” is to encourage (well, actually, force) Californians to purchase fluorescent light bulbs, which are more expensive upfront but use less energy in the long run.

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Nevada Couple Wins Lottery… Twice!

Barry and Barbara Salzman pressed their luck, and it certainly paid off. After winning $10,000 from a Powerball lottery ticket, the Salzmans purchased another ticket and won the $15 million jackpot.

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Senator Joe Biden Is Running for President

I’m confused… I thought Joe Biden was already running for President. Didn’t he announce that a long time ago?

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Nine Men Arrested in the UK for Planned Terrorist Plot

Nine men have been arrested in the UK for a plot to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier who is serving in the British Army.

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According to Bush, Saying “Democrat Majority” Was an Oversight

In an interview with NPR’s Juan Williams, President George W. Bush said that leaving the “-ic” out of “Democratic majority” was an oversight. Just like I said.

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Full PDF Specification Released by Adobe

Adobe Systems Inc. has announced that it released the full PDF 1.7 specification to AIIM, which will begin working on making the document format an ISO standard.

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