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A Chocolate Sculpture of Jesus Prompts Outrage

An artist creates a fully-nude depiction of the Lord Jesus made out of milk chocolate and is surprised to learn that people might take offense to that? Oh, please!


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Wristwatch Floats 2,900 Kilometers from North Pole

A boy in the Faroe Islands stumbled upon an amazing find on the shore near his home: a black box containing a wristwatch which had originally been buried at the North Pole by polar explorer Joergen Amundsen. Presumably, the watch drifted the approximate 2,900 km south on one of the chunks of ice which frequently break away from the North Pole.

The watch was still working when it was discovered, and it included a letter from Amundsen, who buried the box three years ago.

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Woman Caught Smuggling Crocodiles Strapped to Her Body

This is really strange: a Palestinian woman attempted to smuggle three baby crocodiles across the Gaza–Egypt border in order to sell them to a zoo. The border officials noticed that the woman “looked strangely fat” and discovered the three crocs strapped to her waist.

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Suicide Bombers Murder Over a Hundred People in Iraq

It is difficult to determine the precise number of dead – various news sources are citing different numbers — but well over a hundred people were killed yesterday in one of the deadliest days in Iraq in quite a while.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also the first day on the job for Ryan Crocker, the new U.S. ambassador to Iraq. Crocker has a tough job; I certainly don’t envy him.

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Tuskegee Airmen Receive the Congressional Gold Medal

A “long overdue” honor has been given to the Tuskegee Airmen, the famed black aviators who were among the most distinguished pilots of World War II. Today, members of the 332d Fighter Group, who trained in Tuskegee, Alabama and became known as the Tuskegee Airmen, were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor in the United States.

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Last Female World War I Veteran Has Died

Charlotte Winters, who was the last surviving American woman to serve in World War I and the oldest living female veteran, died yesterday at a nursing home in Maryland. Ms. Winters was 109 years old.

May she rest in peace.

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Bush Tells Jokes at the Broadcasters’ Dinner

These annual dinners are always entertaining. I thought the President did a fairly good job with his jokes. He did a lot of self-deprecating humor, with got plenty of laughs. To me, it is funnier when a President makes fun of himself than when other people do it.

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