Blame Charlton Heston for School Shootings?

That is what many newspapers in Europe are doing. The European media is being quick to cast blame for the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech — but not at the young man who actually did the killing. No, the real evildoers, according to papers like The Independent and Le Monde, are those who oppose strict gun control laws — people like former NRA president Charlton Heston.



  1. Jim said

    How did Mr. Heston make this happen?

  2. j said

    …well, Cho is also a victim, right? Oh, it can’t possibly be his fault. Big bad America is to blame!! Seems Europe thinks Americans are “too free.” What an unfortunate mindset.

  3. Kimmer said

    Gun control laws were in effect on the campus. If every responsible, gun owner had been practicing their second amendment right to bear arms, the shooter would be dead and the students would be alive.

    You can ban drugs, there will still be drugs, you can ban freedom of speech, it won’t do any good, you can ban guns, the criminals will be the only ones armed.

    Don’t people find it odd that everytime gun laws are relaxed a little, there is a shooting such as this one and Columbine? It put it forward that the black ops of the secret government in control make sure that incidents like this happen. I remember when the CIA (which is the enforcement arm of the elite military/industrial/pharmaceutical complex, and in no way represents the people of the U.S.) had their butts hauled before the senate becuase of their nasty experiments in mind control back in the 70s. Remember? MK Ultra. Think about.

    Our other rights under the bill of rights have pretty much been done away with, there is no habeas corpus, posse comatitus is out the window. About the only thing left is to take our guns. It worked under Hitler and Stalin and look what happened. The secret government can’t take over until they’ve taken our guns.

    The gentlemen that wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights were brilliant. As Thomas Jefferson said, the beauty of the second amendment is that we won’t need it until they try to take it. I say make it a law that every law abiding citizen must carry a weapon and be trained in its use. A PATRIOTIC government would insist on it.

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