Former MPAA President Jack Valenti Has Died

I was saddened to hear that Jack Valenti passed away yesterday. Valenti died in his home in Washington D.C. due to complications from a stroke which he suffered last month. He was eight-five years old.

The man who ran the Motion Picture Association of America for nearly forty years (1966–2004) had a huge impact on the industry. He got rid of the Hays Code and created the film rating system, not to mention his vigorous fight against the evil, copyright-infringing VCR (note the sarcasm).

Prior to his years running Hollywood, Valenti had been an Army pilot during World War II and flew over fifty combat missions. Later on, he was a special assistant to President Lyndon Johnson.

Valenti just recently finished his memoir titled This Time, This Place: My Life in War, the White House, and Hollywood. The book is due to be released in June.


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