Three More Seasons of Lost

As a big fan of the television show Lost, I am pleased to hear that the drama will be on the air for three more seasons. But as a big fan of the show, it is disappointing to hear that Lost will be on for only three more seasons.

In my opinion, Lost is one of the most well-scripted shows in the history of television. I love how every detail is important and how all the storylines converge. I realize a lot of viewers get frustrated at how the stories drag on and the mysteries never seems to be resolved, but for me, that is just part of the suspense.

I am glad to hear that the creators are seriously thinking about how to end the series; it would be a shame if Lost stayed on the air past its prime. But six seasons (with the final three being smaller sixteen-episode seasons) just seems too short. Still, I guess that it is better to go out with people wanting more (assuming that the audience will feel that way three years from now).


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