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Chief Justice John Roberts Has Had a Seizure

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been taken to a Main hospital today after experiencing a “benign idiopathic seizure” at his summer home. Roberts fell during the seizure and suffered some minor scrapes. According to a statement from the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice has “fully recovered from the incident.” He is expected to stay overnight at the hospital for evaluation.

This is not the first time that Roberts has suffered a seizure; he had a similar one in 1993.


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Should We Tip IT Service People?

I am all for it…

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Iraq’s Football Team Wins the Asian Cup Title

There is no shortage of discouraging news about Iraq these days, which is why I was pleased to hear about something positive. The Iraq football team (“soccer” to us North Americans) has won the AFC Asian Cup, defeating Saudi Arabia 1–0 in the final yesterday. The win provided a rare moment of jubilation for Iraqis, who have endured nearly four and a half years of war and strife in their homeland and — before that — decades of tyrannical rule by Saddam Hussein.

It would be wonderful if this event helps to bring the country closer together. The championship team itself is a model of cooperation in spite of differences; it is comprised of people from all three of the major factions in Iraq: Sunnis, Shias, and Kurds. If the members of the nation’s football team can work together to achieve something great, why not the members of the nation’s parliament? It is a lesson for all Iraqis.

I hope that the people of Iraq experience many more unifying events in the future and that they are inspired by moments like this Asian Cup win to work through their differences and finally come together as one nation.

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The Creation Museum Reaches 100,000 Visitors

It has been just two months since the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky opened its doors, and already those doors have seen the entrance of over one hundred thousand people. Organizers have stated that they are hoping for 250,000 visitors within the first year following the museum’s opening, and right now, it looks like they will reach their goal.

The Creation Museum is different from other museums in that it portrays a Biblical view of history. Inside visitors witness animatronic dinosaurs living alongside humans, displays depicting the Garden of Eden and Noah’s ark, and a narrative which tells that God specifically made them and all of creation for a purpose and that they are not just some cosmic accident. This is pretty heavy stuff, and it flies in the face of conventional science, which is why many secular humanists are livid about the museum’s existence. In their own minds, there is room for only one viewpoint, and it doesn’t include God, sin, or salvation.

Fortunately, capitalism rules in a free society like the U.S., and since business is good at the Creation Museum, I expect it to be around for a long time.

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Chuch Schumer Says No More Supreme Court Nominees for Bush

New York senator Charles Schumer is saying that the U.S. Senate should prevent President George W. Bush from appointing any more Supreme Court justices “except in extraordinary circumstances.” Schumer told the liberal American Constitution Society that “the presumption of confirmation” should be abolished and that the Senate should block any more Bush nominees for the nation’s highest court because it is “dangerously out of balance.”

Senator Schumer’s concern is that liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, who is eighty-seven years old, might retire or possibly even die, which would open the door for President Bush to nominate another person in the vein of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, who interpret the Constitution according to what it actually says.

Liberals despise originalism and want to see a more “progressive” view of the Constitution prevail on the Court. They therefore are willing to reject any person who believes that the Constitution says what it means, regardless of how qualified that person is for the position. Their only hope for curbing the appointment of right-thinking justices is for a Democrat to be elected President in November 2008 and for Justice Stevens to be able to hang on to his seat until at least January 2009.

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The Dow Falls Some More

After hitting an all-time high last week, the Dow Jones industrial average has had a rough run this week, losing more than 500 points in the past two days. By the end of trading today, the Dow Jones was at 13,265.47, a long way from the 14,000 mark above which it closed last Thursday.

People on Wall Street seem to get spooked by the littlest things. This week’s drop is being assigned in part to worries about the housing market and the lending business. My question is, “Why?”. Americans are going to continue buying houses and borrowing money. The rate may slow some, but it certainly won’t cease anytime soon.

I am no stock market expert, but I personally believe that the long-term trend is upward. I expect the Dow to be decidedly above 14,000 within the next few weeks and probably hit 15,000 before the end of the year.

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Rather Says the End of the Evening News Is Likely

Dan Rather does not see his old show news program lasting much longer. The former anchor of the CBS Evening News said to TelevisionWeek, “I think we’ll see the time when someone at the top says, ‘We can give this time back to affiliates.’”

Rather has been critical of the way that the Evening News has been managed since Katie Couric came to the show, saying last month that Couric has dumbed down the broadcast and “tart[ed] it up.” He could also just be bitter because CBS canned him during the backlash following his horrendous failure to fact-check a 60 Minutes piece on George W. Bush’s National Guard service (commonly known as “Rathergate”).

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