Four-Year-Old Called 911 Nearly Three Hundred Times

A four-year-old girl in Chicago called 9-1-1 287 times during the month of June using an old cell phone that belonged to her mother. Service to the phone had been stopped, and the mother probably gave it to the child as a toy. But deactivated cell phones are required by law to be capable of accessing the emergency telephone number.

The 911 dispatchers, who were receiving frequent calls from the small child, could only track the phone’s signal to the apartment complex where she lived. When asked what she wanted, the little girl replied “McDonald’s,” so the authorities were able to get her to tell them her address by promising to bring her some food from the fast-food chain.

Police (sans Happy Meal) were sent to the apartment, and the mother finally realized what had been going on and took the phone away from the four-year-old.


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