Knut the Polar Bear Is No Longer Cute and Cuddly

Knut, the once adorable little polar bear cub, has entered adolescence and is too unpredictable and dangerous to continue his daily public performances at the Berlin Zoo.

Knut was rejected by his mother shortly after his birth and was instead raised by the zookeepers. Some “animal rights” activists thought that killing the cub was a better alternative than subjecting it to human rearing, but the public overwhelmingly wanted the polar bear to live.

And live he has. At approximately forty-two kilograms, seven-month-old Knut is no longer a cuddly baby. He is quickly growing into an adult, and because of that, he has become a danger to his keeper. So the time has come to separate him from humans. “It is time for him to learn to live independently,” the senior zookeeper said.


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