Dick Cheney Is the Acting President While Bush Undergoes a Medical Procedure

As of right now, Dick Cheney is — for all intents and purposes — the President while George W. Bush is under anesthesia for a colonoscopy. Bush invoked the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution and transferred his Presidential powers to his Vice President during the routine medical procedure.

President Bush has a history of colon polyps, and this is the second time during his Presidency that he has transferred his authority to Vice President Cheney while he has had a colon cancer screening. The first time was in 2002; thankfully, nothing abnormal was discovered, but the doctors recommended another test in five years. Those five years have passed, so Bush, our ever health-conscience leader, is having another colonoscopy. I pray that he checks out fine once again.

Besides Bush’s two times of invoking the Twenty-Fifth, the Constitutional amendment has only been used on one other occasion since its ratification in 1967. That was by President Reagan in 1985, when he had surgery to remove a precancerous colon tumor. Thus far, the amendment has yet to be invoked for non-colon-related matters.


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