Chuch Schumer Says No More Supreme Court Nominees for Bush

New York senator Charles Schumer is saying that the U.S. Senate should prevent President George W. Bush from appointing any more Supreme Court justices “except in extraordinary circumstances.” Schumer told the liberal American Constitution Society that “the presumption of confirmation” should be abolished and that the Senate should block any more Bush nominees for the nation’s highest court because it is “dangerously out of balance.”

Senator Schumer’s concern is that liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, who is eighty-seven years old, might retire or possibly even die, which would open the door for President Bush to nominate another person in the vein of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, who interpret the Constitution according to what it actually says.

Liberals despise originalism and want to see a more “progressive” view of the Constitution prevail on the Court. They therefore are willing to reject any person who believes that the Constitution says what it means, regardless of how qualified that person is for the position. Their only hope for curbing the appointment of right-thinking justices is for a Democrat to be elected President in November 2008 and for Justice Stevens to be able to hang on to his seat until at least January 2009.


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