The Creation Museum Reaches 100,000 Visitors

It has been just two months since the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky opened its doors, and already those doors have seen the entrance of over one hundred thousand people. Organizers have stated that they are hoping for 250,000 visitors within the first year following the museum’s opening, and right now, it looks like they will reach their goal.

The Creation Museum is different from other museums in that it portrays a Biblical view of history. Inside visitors witness animatronic dinosaurs living alongside humans, displays depicting the Garden of Eden and Noah’s ark, and a narrative which tells that God specifically made them and all of creation for a purpose and that they are not just some cosmic accident. This is pretty heavy stuff, and it flies in the face of conventional science, which is why many secular humanists are livid about the museum’s existence. In their own minds, there is room for only one viewpoint, and it doesn’t include God, sin, or salvation.

Fortunately, capitalism rules in a free society like the U.S., and since business is good at the Creation Museum, I expect it to be around for a long time.


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