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A New Study Shows the Facts Behind the Global Warming “Consensus”

A study of the 528 scientific papers concerning climate change published between 2004 and 2007 reveals that only seven percent have explicitly endorsed the view that man is primarily responsible for the warming of the earth. Only one out of all those papers even makes reference to climate change resulting in catastrophic conditions. Forty-five percent imply that there might be a connection between mankind’s actions and global warming; the rest make no judgment one way or the other.

Am I expected to believe that this should be called a ?


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Liberals Are Still Politicizing Hurricane Katrina Two Years Later

I don’t typically use this link blog to point to articles on my main weblog (this is actually the first time), but I re-read this post from a year ago, and it is still so relevant that I thought I would bring it to the attention of readers who missed it when I first published it.

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Presidential Candidates Use the Katrina Anniversary to Promote Their Agendas

Should anyone be surprised that politicians would use the anniversary of an American tragedy to help their election campaign? Probably not.

Does that make it any less distasteful? Not at all.

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Gonzales Is Gone

I knew it would take place eventually: Alberto Gonzales has resigned as United States Attorney General.

He had to do it; the angry mob (a.k.a. Washington Democrats) would never lay down their torches and pitchforks otherwise.

Maybe now, Congress can finally put to rest the controversy surrounding the dismissal of seven U.S. Attorneys last year (which was entirely legal) and get back to focusing on real issues of importance like, say, illegal immigration and the war in Iraq.

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The iPhone Has Been Unlocked

It was bound to happen sooner or later: some keen hacker has figured out a way to unlock Apple’s insanely popular iPhone, which will allow the device to work on cellular networks other than the one run by AT&T.

Link: Engadget

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The Texas Rangers Get Thirty Runs in a Single Game

Congratulations should go to the Texas Rangers for achieving an amazing feat in the sport of baseball — thirty runs by one team in a single game. The Rangers performed this remarkable accomplishment in a game against the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday.

This was only the ninth time in history that a Major League team had scored
at least thirty runs in a game. The last time was 110 years ago in 1897 when the
Chicago Colts set the record with a 36–7 win.

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Lindsay Lohan Pleads No Contest to Drug and DUI Charges

Actress Lindsay Lohan pleaded no contest today to charges that she used a controlled substance and drove under the influence on two separate occasions. For her crime, Lindsay will be placed on probation for three years and will also be required to attend alcohol and drug education programs (personally, I think the young lady has had more than enough hands-on education with those substances).

Even better, Lindsay could possibly serve a day or two in jail. That doesn’t seem nearly long enough in my opinion, but maybe it will still do her some good.

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