Elton John Wants to Shut Down the Internet

Sir Elton John must be crazy. The world-famous singer/composer said in an interview with the The Sun that the Internet should be shut down for five years. His reason? “The Internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff,” the sixty-year-old said.

Elton’s main beef is that he thinks the Internet is destroying the music business. He wants the Internet to be put on hold for five years to see how music production is affected.

Although demostrating a rather child-like naïveté in his understanding of how the Internet works, the five-time Grammy winner is not completely wrong in thinking that the world-wide computer network is putting an end to the music industry in its current form. The world moves a lot faster than it used to, thanks in large part to the Internet’s ability to send information around the globe in a split-second. Record companies can no longer afford to do business the way they used to. They will have to embrace the digital age or be left behind.

So there is some truth to Elton John’s view of the Internet. But it is still extremely dumb to think that the Internet can be shut off like flipping a switch, or even if it were possible, that the ramifications of a Net-free world on a society which has become utterly dependent upon it wouldn’t be far worse than the situation as it currently stands (music industry included).


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