Barry Bonds Did It: 756 Home Runs

Last night during a game against the Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds hit the seven hundred fifty-sixth home run of his career, surpassing the record of career home runs set by Hank Aaron back in 1976.

This is an incredible accomplishment for any baseball player, but unfortunately, Bonds’s achievement is marred by allegations that he has used performance-enhancing drugs during his time in the majors, which might have helped him reached last night’s milestone. We may never know for certain, and Bonds’s home-run records may forever be accompanied by asterisks in the books stating that they could have been reached with the assistance of drugs and not just pure ability.

Now that Barry Bonds holds the MLB record for career home runs, he can set his sights on hitting the most home runs ever in all of professional baseball. Currently, that record holder is Sadaharu Oh, the former Japanese baseball player who hit an amazing 868 home runs during his career.


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