Rescue Efforts Have Been Suspended at the Utah Mine

A second mine collapse occurred yesterday at the Crandall Canyon Mine, killing three rescue workers and injuring six others. The men were attempting to tunnel through the rubble to reach the miners who were trapped underground during the cave-in of August 6.

“We went from a tragedy to a catastrophe,” Utah governor Jon Huntsman lamented. The flags in Utah are now flying at half-staff to honor the deceased workers.

In light of this latest accident, the rescue efforts at the Crandall Canyon Mine have been suspended indefinitely. The chances of finding the miners alive are now very slim.

“Is there any possible way we can continue this underground operation and provide safety for the rescue workers? At this point we don’t have an answer,” admitted Richard Stickler, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health.

A fourth hole is still currently being drilled into the crumbling mountain as a last ditch effort to find the men. If this latest hole doesn’t return any good news, then a happy ending in this tragic tale will likely never come.


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