Abortion Pills Are Perfectly Safe — Except for All the People They Have Killed

I suppose it is about time that I stop being surprised by the duplicity of the mainstream media. Still, every once in a while there is a news item which is so lacking in truth that I cannot help but be amazed at the audacity of the publisher. Such is the case with a recent Time article which bears a headline stating, “Study Finds Abortion Pill Safe.”

Really? Has mifepristone (the abortion pill referenced in the piece) truly been safe for the more than 500,000 pre-born American children who have been killed by the drug and the “millions more worldwide” (according to the article) who have also died at the hands of abortion pill-popping mothers?

Putting aside the fact that an honest person or organization would never describe an abortion as being “safe” (someone should tell that to the Democratic Party), NewsBusters points to the National Right For Life which reveals that “well-documented side effects” of the abortion pill include “prolonged (up to 44 days) and severe bleeding, nausea, vomiting, pain, and even death.” That doesn’t sound very safe to me.


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