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Reporter Quotes Himself in News Story

Link: Reuters


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Two Students Shot at Delaware State

Link: New York Daily News

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The New Five-Dollar Bill

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Dan Rather Is Suing CBS for Seventy Million Dollars

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A “Dead” Man Wakes Up During His Autopsy

This is creepy. A man in Venezuela who was declared dead following a car accident was taken to the morgue, and an autopsy was begun. The only problem was the fact that the guy wasn’t really dead!

Carlos Camejo, who doctors thought had died from injuries sustained in a highway accident, woke up in excruciating pain as medical examiners were making an incision in his face as part of an autopsy procedure. Apparently, the examiners realized something was amiss even before Camejo woke up because their presumed corpse began to bleed profusely. Fortunately, they were shrewd enough to immediately stop the procedure and stitch up the incision on the man’s face.

Camejo is alive and well, albeit with a distinguishable scar on his face. I imagine that the Venezuelan hospital will be paying for cosmetic surgery for the man rather quickly.

It is amazing to me that something like this could still happen even with the medical knowledge of today, and yet, here it is.

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Google’s Presentation App Is Here at Last

From first looks, the new presentation component of Google Docs seems to work well. I haven’t yet created a slideshow from scratch using the online tool, but I did upload one from a presentation I gave some time ago, and the slides look pretty much like they ought to (there are a couple of formatting problems which should be easy to fix).

Google’s presentation app does not have all the bells and whistles that Microsoft PowerPoint has, most people don’t need all the features which PowerPoint offers. The presentation functionality of Google Docs may work quite well for most people who need to create a simple slideshow, and with its price tag of $0, Microsoft ought to be concerned about what this means for its market share of office applications.

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Seven Presidential Candidates Participated in the Values Voter Debate

The Values Voter Debate took place last night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and included seven of the eleven Republicans now seeking the nomination for President of the United States: former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee; Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas; Representative Duncan Hunter of California; Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado; Representative Ron Paul of Texas; Chicago businessman John H. Cox, who was making his first debate appearance; and former UN ambassador Alan Keyes, who just got into the race last week.

The four Republican candidates not attending were Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, and their absence was quite noticeable — and made all the more conspicuous by the fact that podiums were set up for them on the stage even though the organizers knew the four “top-tier” hopefuls would not be at the event. Even worse (that is, more idiotic), questions were posed to the missing candidates followed by a long, awkward silence.

I think that having a debate focused exclusively on family values was a great idea, but ridiculing those who did not attend seemed to me to be in incredibly poor taste, especially since those values being put forth during the event were Christian ones. The feelings of resentment and hostility directed at the absent candidates will probably work against the ValuesVoter group as it will make those who did not attend the forum even less likely to participate in any future events put on by that organization.

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