Silverlight 1.0 Has Been Released

Microsoft officially launched its Flash competitor called Silverlight today. The product has been in public beta since April with a “go-live” license.

Silverlight is a pretty amazing technology and will likely give Adobe a run for its money. I have already built one web application for my job using Silverlight, and developing with it was a rather pleasant experience. I have never developed in Flash, so I cannot directly compare the two. But one significant advantage that Silverlight has over Flash is that the graphics are human-readable XML files instead of being binary. This makes the files much more accessible by both people and search engines.

Since it was first announced, Silverlight has been getting a lot of buzz. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch predicted, “Silverlight will be the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications,” and that very well may be true, especially of .NET developers. Microsoft has enough market share that it can strongly encourage developers to use its products over those of a competitor.


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