G.I. Joe Will Be an International Organization in the Upcoming Movie

I enjoyed playing with G.I. Joe action figures when I was a kid. But I have mixed feelings about the upcoming live-action feature film scheduled to be released in the summer of 2009. While I like the idea of G.I. Joe coming to the big screen, I am disappointed in the news that the team which was once solely comprised of American military personnel has now been transformed into an international task force headquartered in Brussels, Belgium for the movie.

My complaint is not simply a matter of having an American bias (which I don’t doubt that I possess to some degree). This is about G.I. Joe, which has always been uniquely American — the “Real American Hero” — being turned into some politically correct international operation in order to appease liberals and the world-wide U.S.-bashing community.

I guess it would be too much to handle for some to see a movie which portrays the American military in a positive light. Instead, we get treated to films about American soldiers raping young girls.

Based upon what I have heard, it sounds like the G.I. Joe legacy will likely be done a disservice in this yet-to-be produced picture. That would be a real shame; I hope that the producers of the film change their minds about its direction and make it more like the original source material. A movie about a highly-trained team of American special forces which battles a ruthless terrorist organization (Cobra) attempting to destroy the world as we know it could be extremely relevant in this current age.


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