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Why McCain Is Not the Right Man for the Republican Nomination

This is an article I wish that I could have written. I have thought that John McCain should not be President for some time, and I am quite dismayed that so many Republican voters feel he is the right person for the job. Mark Levin summed up my own thoughts on McCain and his positions perfectly.


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Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards Are Out of the Presidential Race

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John McCain Wins the Florida Primary

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Fifty Years of Legos

Yesterday (January 28) was the fiftieth anniversary of when the first patent for Lego blocks was filed, and Gizmodo has a timeline of significant years in the history of the brand.

When I was a kid, I had a Lego set that included some of those “blocky” circa-1974 figures, and I also had several of the Legoland Castle and Pirates sets.

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The Winner of the 2008 Australian Open Is Not Named Federer

The winner of the Men’s Singles event at this year’s first Grand Slam tournament is the up-and-coming tennis player Novak Đoković, who has shown himself to be quite a capable competitor over the past year. The Serbian champion defeated Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the final on Sunday 4–6 6–4 6–3 7–6(2), becoming the first person representing the Republic of Serbia to win a Grand Slam singles title (although I feel confident that Ana Ivanović and Jelena Janković won’t be too far behind him).

But despite Đoković’s victory, the sports media seems to be focusing most of its attention on Roger Federer, who lost to Đoković in the semifinals in straight sets. While it is an unusual occurrence to see the Swiss star be defeated so decisively, it shouldn’t be such a surprise for even a player as skilled as Roger Federer to lose once in a while. Federer, who had played in the previous ten Grand Slam finals and won eight of them, was probably overdue for a slip-up. Part of the problem is that Federer has been propped up so much by sports writers as a man with near superhuman abilities that any failure on his part appears to be catastrophic by comparison.

Novak Đoković played well throughout the Australian Open, and he deserved this victory. And he should receive the media attention for his accomplishment instead of Federer’s lack of success.

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Mitt Romney Peels the Skin off His Fried Chicken

I get that this is just some of Huckabee’s trademark humor, but really, I am a little put off by having this guy imply to the press that Southerners are so simply-minded as to vote against a candidate because he doesn’t eat a Southern dish the “right” way.

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