Asus Is Hated in the Computer Industry

Why is computer manufacturer Asus despised by its competitors? According to technology writer Mike Elgan, it is because of the ASUS Eee PC, a sub-notebook computer running Linux which sells for a mere $299. Naturally, other computer makers like Apple and Dell are miffed that they must compete with such an affordably-price PC. And Microsoft is none too happy that the Eee PC is not being sold running a Windows OS.

The specs on the Eee PC are not impressive at all, but the computer’s price is getting a lot of attention. If one does not require a lot of processing power — for example, a computer used primarily for browsing the Web and sending emails — the Eee is a great bargain.

I considered buying an Eee PC during the Christmas season for a relative who needs a basic, low-cost computer. I decided against it right now for a number of reasons, but I may very well purchase one in the future. A brand new laptop for three hundred dollars is difficult to pass up.


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