Google Browser Sync Will Not Be Updated

The one obstacle that has prevented me from using the release candidate of Firefox 3 as my primary web browser has been that Google Browser Sync, the extension which synchronizes my bookmarks and history among all my installations of Firefox, has not been upgraded to work with the latest version of the browser. But that is no longer a hindrance since Google has divulged that the programmers which developed Browser Sync have moved on to other projects and will not be making the extension Firefox 3-compatible.

I have used Browser Sync since at least October of 2006 and have come to rely on it pretty heavily. I really liked how the extension allowed me to close a browser session full of open tabs on one computer, and restore all those tabs on a different computer. For those like me who cherished the features of Browser Sync, Google recommends a handful of alternatives, none of which fully duplicate what Browser Sync does: Mozilla Weave, Google Toolbar for Firefox, and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer.

I am glad that Google finally told Browser Sync fans that support for the extension was ending, but I do wish the company had announced the news month ago. At least, now there is nothing keeping me from taking part in Firefox’s Download Day tomorrow.


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