Don Siegelman Will Speak at the Democratic Convention

Don Siegelman is well-known in Alabama politics, having served as secretary of state, attorney general, lieutenant governor, and finally governor of the state. Siegelman is also one of the most corrupt politician in the history of Alabama (and trust me — given the history of the state — that is saying a lot, I am sad to say). Alongside HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy, he was convicted in 2006 on charges of bribery and mail fraud. Siegelman was sentenced to over seven years in prison for his crimes, but he was released earlier this year while he appeals his case.

Now, it turns out that the former Alabama governor has been selected to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month. Apparently, the conventional Democratic view is that Siegelman is completely innocent of everything he was found guilty of by a jury of his peers, and the whole indictment and conviction matter is the result of a Republican conspiracy headed up by none other than Karl Rove. I kid you not.

As I have said before, I am amazed at the willingness of the Democratic Party to overlook the reprobate (and sometimes criminal) behavior of its members. Just imagine the outrage that would ensue if the Republicans dared to put Larry Craig or Mark Foley up on stage at their convention!


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