Obama and Biden’s Differences on Foreign Policy

Amanda Carpenter has an interesting post on a topic which few are talking about: the fact that Barack Obama evidently picked Joe Biden as his running mate because of his much-touted foreign policy expertise, yet Obama and Biden have had very public disagreements on what to do outside of U.S. borders.

Consider this: in 2002, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and many more Senate Democrats voted to give authorization to President Bush to use military force in Iraq. During the primary season, Obama claimed that Clinton’s vote for the war showed that she did not have the judgment to be President. Does that mean that Senator Biden lacks judgement as well since he voted the same way? Then why did Obama name Biden as his choice for Vice President, a position which is essentially a President-in-waiting?

In addition to the initial vote for war, Obama and Biden also disagree on funding the war, whether to meet with hostile nations without preconditions, and how to deal with Iran. Add to that Biden’s controversial plan of a couple of years ago to divide up Iraq into three sections to segregate the country’s three main ethnic groups, plus Biden’s public statement about Obama’s lack of readiness to be President during a primary debate.

With all these differences, it is difficult to envision two men who could agree any less on foreign policy.


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