Sarah Palin: McCain’s Extraordinary Choice

The race for the White House took a surprising turn today when John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. As Hugh Hewitt stated, “McCain has turned the race on its head.”

Picking Palin was a fantastic decision on the part of McCain. The Republican candidate has energized social conservatives to a degree which they haven’t been at any other point during this campaign season. Sure, there was some excitement about Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson and even Mitt Romney. But now, all the conservatives have unified around one person, a woman who doesn’t just claim to have conservative principles but who actually lives out those principles.

Many who were uncertain about McCain’s conservative credentials (myself included) are now becoming truly excited about the possibility of having McCain and Palin running the country. I hope that the enthusiasm lasts all the way to Election Day and beyond.



  1. I took my time to decide on whether to react to your story or not. The problem is that politics can become personal some times. Luckily i feel everybody has the right to their own opinion, so please read my reaction in that same light.

    Here in holland i follow the elections a bit. We saw quite a lot of it during the Obama – Clinton showdown, but lately things have quitened down a bit. And now the Palin story came up.

    I for one would probably vote democrat if i had to chose in the US, but that is not the point. I wondered as to the choice of running mate by McCain. Why pick someone like Palin? The big question: is this a way to (indeed) pull female voters from the Obama camp? Or is there some other reason. You point out that you were uncertain about McCains conservative credentials, and therefore are glad for the Palin decision.

    I on the other hand, wonder what someone like that can bring. Personally, i’m no fan of hunting (she does). I think teen pregnancies should be stopped when possible, she has a daughter not even old enough to drink, but still pregnant…. And now the story came up about her “abusing” government money by sending in declarations for work travel when she worked at home? In my humble opinion these signs are not really signs i would like to see in a (vice) presidential candidate. Of course i know the picture we are shown is quite colored probably but still…..

    Let’s see how it all turns out.

  2. Evan Brown said

    Your reactions are always welcome, Prof.

    While the thought that Palin may draw some Hillary Clinton voters probably crossed the minds of those who work on the McCain campaign, I think that the primary reason she was selected was because it fit the narrative that McCain is telling — that he is a maverick, wants to reform Washington, and will cut wasteful spending if elected. Based upon her record in Alaska, Sarah Palin fits comfortably into that mold. Plus, she is a very conservative woman, both fiscally and socially, which appeals to the base of the Republican Party.

    Whatever the reasons that McCain picked Palin, I know why I like her; not only do her beliefs align closely with mine, but the life she lives is also consistent with those beliefs. That is genuinely impressive to me.

    Much of what has been written about Governor Palin in the past week has been false, whether intentionally or not, so I tend to be very skeptical of any new information about her from the media. Regarding her charging the state a “per diem” allowance while staying at home, I have not yet had the opportunity to fully vet that allegation; if true, I would be highly disappointed. But I will not make a judgment until the truth is certain.

  3. the big thing here is something that you also point out:

    I know why I like her; not only do her beliefs align closely with mine, but the life she lives is also consistent with those beliefs. That is genuinely impressive to me.

    People who are like yourself always appear, and the other way round is also true.

    Relating to the “per diem” allowance, i’ll also be waiting to see how that turns out. I hope the story is untrue, because in what form whatsoever, corruption is wrong and despicable.

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