Ten Years of Google

It has been ten years since Google was founded (or thereabout), and in that time, the company has revolutionized the way that I — and millions of others — use the Internet.

The most obvious example is of this is Google’s famous search engine, which holds such marketshare that no other company seems even close to catching up. Another is Google AdSense, with those ubiquitous text ads that have covered the Web and altered how people advertise online. Then there is Gmail, which was a game-changer for web-based email, and Google Maps, which completely revamped the look and feel of online mapping. Now we have Google Chrome, launched just last week, which has the chance of becoming a serious challenger to Internet Explorer and Firefox in the web browser market.

Those are just a few high-profile examples, and there are plenty more. With so many accomplishments in its first decade, I look forward to seeing what other revolutionary products Google has for us in the years ahead.


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