Tithing in the Midst of Foreclosure

In a time of financial crisis, which would be more important to you: giving a voluntary gift to your place of worship or keeping your home? According to one Reuters piece, some Christians are continuing to give away a tenth of their income even as they face the possibility of foreclosure on their homes.

A study mentioned in the article says that only five percent of American adults tithed last year. As a member of that five percent, I can fully appreciate the difficult decision that these tithers have made. For them, honoring their commitment to God outweighs all other priorities — including keeping the roof over their heads. I hope that if I were in the same position, I would have the faith to trust God and reach the same determination.

A lot of people probably find that kind of thinking to be crazy. While it is true that it takes a different mindset, I think it is hardly crazy for someone to consider his relationship with God to be of greater worth than a home mortgage. People put their money where their values are. And for those who value the right things, I believe that the Lord will bless them greatly for it.


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