Comparing Sarah Palin to Muslim Extremists

I have seen a lot of disgusting things written in the past week and a half about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, but this Salon article by Juan Cole is absolutely the worst.

In the piece, Cole attempts to draw a comparison between Palin’s conservative Christian beliefs and the beliefs of Islamic extremists — you know, the kind who are willing to detonate a bomb in the middle of a crowded marketplace in the name of their god. The claim of moral equivalence is such a stretch that it would be laughable if the author were not dead serious.

I talked about the absurdity of linking “radical” Christians with radical Muslims two years ago when Rosie O’Donnell did it on The View. While a little more refined than Rosie’s crassness, this article attacking Bible-believing Christians and specifically Governor Palin is no different.

A fair warning: click through to the article only if you think you can stomach it.



  1. Another hard one. I agree that the story is prejudicial and that the reporter is clearly not a big fan of Palin, however, some of the comparisons made are quite clear. I think the big difference in viewpoint is made by what you believe in. If you believe in the same things that palin does, i can imagine the comparison not falling very well. However, if you disagree, the comparison makes more sense (at least it did for me).

  2. in addition: i think that the comparison to the terrorists goes a bit far. Yes, that is no comparison, i agree, however, the comparison was on a lot of different subjects as well.

    Abortion for one, the fact that darwins evolution theory is not a correct one, or the fact of the banning of books..

    These comparisons to governments who in some cases are clearly good friends of the US (Saudi Arabia for example) means that this is not a comparison to terrorists, otherwise you would have to say that the US is in cahoots with terrorists.

    The big issue is i think again: what do you believe in. There is a far left and there is a far right. IN both cases, the people in that area think they have the right idea’s. And the ones in the opposite area think that too about themselves and that the other is wrong… So where is the truth?

  3. Evan Brown said

    Allow me to make my point a little clearer. Of course, there are some similarities that one can observe between Sarah Palin and a person who holds fundamentalist Muslim beliefs. You can find common views between any two people if you look hard enough.

    I am sure that are a hundred areas where I might agree with say, Adolf Hitler (a trite example, I know). But Hitler was also a brutal man who was responsible for the deaths of millions of people, while I strongly oppose the taking of innocent life. If anyone invoked Godwin’s Law and said I was just like Hitler, that would be a flagrant lie, regardless of how many trivial things I might have in common with the man.

    The same is true regarding so-called radical Christians like Palin (and myself) and radical Muslims. The reason John McCain is outspoken against the latter is because extremist Islamic theology leads to terrorism. To compare devout Christians with groups who murder those who disagree with them is slanderous, no matter how many inconsequential likenesses one can find.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. In my opinion the problem is however the “radical” part, and sadly enough you have those in all religions. Whatever religion you chose, there will always be people out there that have their own agendas and use the excuse of religion to further their ideas. Those people form a risk for the rest of the world, regardless of what believe they may have.

    The sad part is that muslim religion is now used in one sentence with terrorism, while there are probably many more “peacefull” muslims than terrorists ones…

    Well, we can only hope that the terrorists, of whatever believe they may have, are stopped before more damage is done.

  5. Evan Brown said

    I am not sure who you are referring to that is implying Muslims and terrorists are equivalent. When speaking out against terrorism, American leaders often go out of their way to make a distinction between moderate Muslims and those who either engage in terrorist attacks or condone them.

    In fact, I can give the names of two Islamic organizations here in the U.S. which appear to be doing good work: the Islamic Supreme Council of America and the American Islamic Congress. We need more Muslims like these to speak out against the atrocities committed by members of their religion.

  6. I agree with your clarification. i should have made that more clear. My point however was that all radicals are people to watch, i might have been more clear in writing that down.

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