My Abandoned Link Blog Now Has a Follow Button!

Reading today that has added a “Follow” button to all its hosted blogs reminded me that I actually have a blog here, thereby prompting me to actually visit and post here for the first time in nearly three years.

So if you are reading this, please consider clicking “Follow” in the bottom-right corner of your browser window, and should I ever post again, you will most certainly be the first to know.


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The Wall Street Bailout Bill Is Passed and Signed into Law

Today in a 263–171 vote, the House of Representatives passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, a $700 billion (and that’s just an estimate) bailout of the U.S. financial system, which President Bush quickly signed the bill into law.

I believe this bipartisan legislation is the wrong course for the country. I give credit to Congress for taking action and doing what it felt was the right thing for the economy. But using tax dollars to essentially pay for Wall Street’s mistakes is a horrible idea, and I am not at all convinced that the this bloated bailout package will even help the economic situation in the long run.

Unfortunately, the so-called rescue plan is now law, so we will have to wait and see what good (if any) will come of it.

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Tithing in the Midst of Foreclosure

In a time of financial crisis, which would be more important to you: giving a voluntary gift to your place of worship or keeping your home? According to one Reuters piece, some Christians are continuing to give away a tenth of their income even as they face the possibility of foreclosure on their homes.

A study mentioned in the article says that only five percent of American adults tithed last year. As a member of that five percent, I can fully appreciate the difficult decision that these tithers have made. For them, honoring their commitment to God outweighs all other priorities — including keeping the roof over their heads. I hope that if I were in the same position, I would have the faith to trust God and reach the same determination.

A lot of people probably find that kind of thinking to be crazy. While it is true that it takes a different mindset, I think it is hardly crazy for someone to consider his relationship with God to be of greater worth than a home mortgage. People put their money where their values are. And for those who value the right things, I believe that the Lord will bless them greatly for it.

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Microsoft Likes jQuery

Microsoft really likes jQuery. So much so that the software giant will be making the popular JavaScript library part of its official development platform. In the future, jQuery will be shipped with versions of Visual Studio, and Microsoft will provide support of jQuery to developers. Microsoft will also be using jQuery internally, using it to create Ajax controls and server-side helper methods for use with the .NET framework.

This is wonderful news. I am a big fan of jQuery; I first discovered the library a little over a year ago when working on a web project that required a lot of manipulation of the DOM. Since then, I have used jQuery in practically every web application I have developed. It is a fantastic, light-weight library which makes writing JavaScript code a pleasure, and I am glad to see Microsoft appreciates it as much as I do.

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Actor Paul Newman Has Died

Hollywood legend Paul Newman passed away yesterday after a lengthy battle against cancer.

Newman appeared in numerous movies such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, The Color of Money, and Road to Perdition. Two of my personal favorite Newman performances were his portrayal of Brick Pollitt in the film version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Walter Bridge in Mr. & Mrs. Bridge. And although my six-year-old son is too young to appreciate Newman’s lifetime of cinema work, he loves Doc Hudson from Cars.

The man could also make an outstanding salad dressing.

Paul Newman was a class act. He will be missed.

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The Fifty Richest Members of Congress

It is nice to see that so many members of Congress are doing well for themselves (including my own senator Richard Shelby). Now, if only they would keep their hands off my money, maybe I could become well-off too!

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World’s Oldest Man Turns 113

What is the secret to becoming a centenarian? Abstaining from alcohol, according to Tomoji Tanabe, the world’s old man. Tanabe, who has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living male, turned 113 years old today.

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